MRES Clients Comments

For many years I have used several different CAD systems and have found that the MRES system to be the most dispatch oriented. Unlike other systems that are more geared towards profit centers and billing, MRES is designed for the EMS Dispatch professional. Anyone, with even minimal computer skills, can learn MRES in only matter of minutes. Ease of operation of a EMS Cad system is beneficial for the dispatcher and the patient when seconds count. – J. Viverette, Certified National Academy of EMD

Well, we’ve had a while to evaluate the MRES Dispatch Software. Just sending this note to let you know…. We Love It! The software is easy to learn and has helped us to be more timely in the delivery of routine transports and has helped to assure that units are available for those emergency runs. I find the reports extremly helpful.
But the thing we find the most unbelievable is the customer service. Tech Support is excellant and has went far above what is expected. Thanks for all you do! -Joey E. Crumby, Director

MRES is the perfect software for our company, it has everything we need for dispatch, And the reports….! Thank You MRES – Kelly, Co-Owner

I would like to thank you for running a professional operation. This has been a painless project. Most of our other venders do not write solid code and I have spent many hours attempting to get their application to run on our system. If you ever need a reference feel free to use me. – Greg Craven, Supervisor

From a marketing standpoint, MRES gives me fast, accurate stats from all my facilities. I know where we stand at all times. – MaryAnn, Client Care Advocate

Just wanted to say, How much I have enjoyed MRES software.It is very user friendly and has cut training time in half or better…. – Amber Lucia, Communication Supervisor

The MRES dispatch program has made my job much easier. I can schedule calls in advance and have the ability to obtain dispatch quicker and easier. The program is very easy to use and has made my job much easier to perform. – Shanna Lindquist, Dispatcher

MRES dispatch program is GREAT. I don’t have to fumble through notes written on paper that may be lost. I enter the information and feel much more comfortable knowing that it will be easy to find when I need it. This program has helped me become a more efficient dispatcher. – Heather Young, Dispatcher

The MRES program has enabled my dispatchers to become more efficient in scheduling transports, locating units, and being able to provide area facilities with accurate response times. We are able to follow trends in our service area thanks to the reports that can be generated from this program.
The training time required for a new dispatcher is minimal (most have been able to learn the program in 3 to 4 hours). Technical support from MRESCAD has proven to be an invaluable asset. – Herb Deaton, General Manager

It is a great software for all communications dept. So easy to use and the reports alone saves me a bunch time. Before, we were too busy tracking dispatch cards, now we are tacking units. I was able to learn the software in 1 hour. If I can, anyone can! Thanks MRES. – John, Dispatcher

MRES, Great Job…. I started using the MRES without any help – Jessi, Owner

I was very impressed, MRES software is what we have been looking for… – Charles, Owner

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