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Medical Response Emergency Software

  • MRES CAD has been serving EMS System since 2000
  • MRES is EMS CAD Software for Medical Transportation Companies.
  • MRES was designed as dispatching software to assist medical transportation companies.
  • MRES is an executable application designed for the EMS industry. Data in MRES can be retrieved using a searchable index and output into dynamic reports.
  • MRES allows EMS dispatchers to enter and update call data into a central database residing on either a wide-area or local-area network using an SQL Server.
  • MRES tracks mobile medical units status, patient data, ETA status, employee hours, unit hours, delay and prompt status, response times, 911 calls, pending appointments, and much more.
  • MRES can track and create Recurrent Appointments and Appointment Reports.
  • MRES reports communicate between dispatch, billing and each individual mobile medical unit.
  • MRES Report Center: Response Detail, Pick Up Location, Chief Complaint, UHU (Unit Hours Utilization), Hourly Demand Analysis by days or weeks, Caller Type, CSV, and much more. Such Reports can be used as a tool for everyday business. These reports alone save you and your employees’ valuable time.
  • MRES is designed for ease of use. Users with a basic level of computer literacy will be able to enter data into the program with minimal training time, decreasing overhead associated with turnover.


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